People all over the world know that China is the world’s factory, and the quality of Chinese products have good and bad, but the products made in Guangdong almost represent the highest products quality in China, and many worlds famous brands OEM factories also Based in Guangdong. Gohomme selects the most fashionable, most reasonable price, and best-quality home decorations and lights for you.Using our more than ten years of experience and accurate prediction of the current popular home decoration products in the home improvement industry, we can select the best and highest quality factories and the most cost-effective logistics solutions for you.

Gohomme is a reliable online store where you can buy everything you need to organize your lighting system: from designer style to classics chandeliers, spotlights, Track lights, and etc.

Our studio is a joint project of a team of international architects, interior designers who develop and implement projects for private apartments and houses, public spaces, and office buildings. A large number of requests from other regions of the world prompted us to create our company and its website (as well as Instagram pages: @_gohomme_, Pinterest: @gohomme_com, Youtube: Gohomme Lighting ).

Thanks to a team of unique specialists, we provide our clients with quality lighting systems for homes, streets, and offices. With us, the process of choosing lights will be enjoyable, and the result will delight you for many years.

We value each client and sincerely rejoice together with you when you are satisfied with the result of our work!